Refer a Friend to Rivia Health

Know someone in healthcare RCM who would love to hear about Rivia Health? Refer a friend to earn credits which can be cashed in for various rewards. Each referral earns you credits. Earn even more credits when your contacts sign up to partner with Rivia Health.

Program Details


Anyone is eligible to refer a friend to us and we appreciate your submissions! Reward benefits are offered to referrers who are part of a Practice currently partnered, and in good standing with Rivia Health.

Program Submission

Submit this form for each referred contact. Other forms of submission will not be accepted.

Referrer Rewards
  • Each referred contact: 1 Credit

  • Each referred contact who agrees to and participates in at least one 15-minute sales demo with Rivia Health: 5 Credits

  • Each referred contact which develops into a signed contract with Rivia Health: both the referrer’s Practice AND referred contact receive one month of waived RexPay fees

Referred Contact Rewards
  • Cookies, coffee, or something else — your choice! Rivia Health will provide the referred Practice with a $25 USD electronic gift card for office snacks during the sales demo.

Manage Your Credits

Inquire about the number of credits you have and cash in your credits by sending an email to


Cash in your credits for the following items:

  • 20 Pens : 2 credits

  • 1 Mousepad : 2 credits

  • Large notepad: 10 credits

  • Coffee Mug: 16 credits

  • Social Media shoutout: 20 credits


Check back each quarter for new swag options!​


Email We’re happy to answer all of your referral program questions.