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RiviaPay Now Available!

Bundled Payment Plans, Custom Discount Incentives, and More.

Empowering Healthcare with Advanced Payment Technology

Experience seamless, customized payment workflows with our white-labeled technology, designed to elevate your patient payment engagement.

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12 Days

the average time it takes to get paid with Rivia Health



is the average increase in collected accounts receivable



touchless, digital engagement which optimizes your payment processes

Patients Simply Click, Verify, & Pay


Customized Patient Communication Campaigns
How it Works

Rivia Health offers customized patient communication campaigns for patient appointments, copay collection, patient statements, and outstanding accounts receivable (AR). Campaigns are optimized to maximize patient engagement to capture the patient into the payment experience, reducing the need for manual intervention and follow up.


Standardized communication templates customized based on patient engagement and response 

  • Communications can be customized by provider and service line

Adaptive digital communications tailored toward the highest user engagement [text, email]

Tailored and proven communications designed specifically for outstanding patient accounts receivable

Organizational branding provides patients with confidence in a secure payment process

RiviaPay Bundled Payment Plans
How it Works

Seamlessly bundle multiple statements into one payment plan, accommodating patients with recurring weekly or monthly appointments. Enjoy default access to bundled payment functionality, automatically included with Rivia Health.


Various bills are added together to create one payment plan as long as a minimum threshold is reached 

All bills listed for a patient can be added to create a custom plan.

RiviaPay Custom Discount Initiatives
How it Works

Rivia Health empowers your organization to extend discounts to patients who are seeking more accessibility to care. Set customized thresholds and prompt-pay incentives to mitigate collections agency involvement and foster timely payments.


Select a percentage or dollar amount that applies to a threshold as a discount and incentive for patients to pay a bill in full

Banners on the payment dashboard call out bills that qualify for a custom discount.

Multiple Payment Options to Pay Copays & Balances

How it Works

Rivia Health offers multiple options for patients to pay their copays and outstanding balances. 


Pay easily through any of the Rivia Health payment methods  

  • Quick, 1-time payment option

  • Comprehensive bill management​

  • Pay over the phone with interactive voice response

Patients can view their bill details in an easy, user-friendly format 

Patients can enroll themselves in payment plans 

  • Gives patients options to sign up for recurring payment plans to take the guess work out of making payments

  • Payments are automatically processed and posted in practice management (PM) system 

Patients have the option to schedule a future payments 

Receipts are sent automatically when the payment is processed 

Appointment Reminders
How it Works

Automatically send patients text and email reminders for upcoming appointments — reducing no shows and improving patient volume.

  • Send automated reminders to patients after their appointment is scheduled 

  • Includes visit specific instructions for patients prior to arrival to ensure a speedy check-in process 

Self-Service Payment Plans & Scheduled Payments
How it Works

Not all patients are able to pay their balance in full when they receive their bills. With Rivia Health’s tools, patients can self-service payment plans and schedule payments for future dates. 


Offer patients self-service payment plan options 

  • If a bill qualifies for a payment plan, Rivia Health automatically notifies the patient what their payment plan options available to them 

Customize the payment plan options available to patients 

Some examples include:

  • Minimum to establish a payment plan  

  • Minimum due each month 

  • Durations of payment plans they want to offer — up to 3 options, in months (e.g., 2mo, 4mo, 6mo) 

  • Maximum length of time 

Payments are auto-charged based on the terms of their payment plan and receive a receipt each time the payment is processed 

Copay Collection
How it Works

Prior to a patient’s appointment, message patients about their copay amount due and collect that amount prior to arrival — improving patient check-in processes and reducing no-shows.

  • No surprises! Automatically begin messaging patients ahead of the appointment about their copay that’s due at time of service 

  • Prompt patients to pay through Rivia Health’s payment tools

Outstanding Patient AR Campaigns
How it Works

When implementing Rivia Health, our tools can help collect on older patient balances using our optimized communications for outstanding account receivable (AR). Campaigns are optimized to maximize patient engagement to capture the patient into the payment experience, reducing the need for manual intervention and follow up.

  • Enroll overdue patient balances in a customized campaign designed to help collect on those aged bills 

  • Save money and time by leveraging Rivia Health's ability to message patients instead of using an outside collections agency 

  • Automatically post those payments directly back into your practice management system to work down outstanding accounts receivable 

  • Reduce manual follow up on accounts

  • Offer self-service payment plans for outstanding accounts receivable

Turn-Key Integration with Existing Veradigm Solution

How it Works

Rivia Health’s facilitates turn-key integration with existing Veradigm solutions. Seamless, bi-directional integration allows copays and patient balances to be automatically posted directly into your platform, allowing staff to focus on other tasks. No IT support required and under 5 hours of staff time to go live!


Integration with your existing Veradigm platform as soon as an Authorization and Consent is completed.  

Bi-directional integration provides the most up-to-date information on the patient balance 

  • Rivia Health seamlessly posts payments back into your platform


TrustCare Health Saves 389 Hours of Monthly Operational Costs with Rivia Health

Time saved from crafting and sending batched patient messages manually, fielding inbound calls regarding payments, placing outbound calls regarding payments, collecting payments over the phone, and setting up payment plans.

  • Return on investment: over 2,000%

  • Reduced bad debt by 38%

  • Decreased payment plan setup and maintenance by 80%

  • Reduced the number of days in Accounts receivable by 33%

  • Reduced the number of bills being sent to collections by 33%

  • Increased overall patient payments by 45%

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Data Security

Rivia Health's technology is HIPAA Compliant and maintains the highest security standards to protect providers and patients.


Patient Satisfaction 5-Stars WHITE_2x.png

Satisfied patients give the Rivia Health payment platform 5-star reviews, saying that it’s “the best way to pay medical bills” and “the only way I’m ever paying medical bills again!” 

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Get Paid More While Doing Less

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