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Rivia Health Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Rivia Health offers you (“Users”) the opportunity to refer contacts through the Rivia Health Referral Program (“Program”) in exchange for benefits (“Rewards”). Users who refer leads to the Program are "Referrers"; those who are referred are "Referred Contacts." Referrers may be eligible to receive rewards for each qualified referral. Rewards may not be guaranteed. These (“Terms”) terms apply to a user’s participation in the Program.


Users can participate in the Rivia Health Referral Program if you 1) are a member of a Practice (“health practice”; “healthcare practice”) with an active contract with Rivia Health and 2) be financially up to date on all existing contracts.

Referral Submission

Submit a form for each contact you feel would be interested in learning more about Rivia Health. Referrals intended to be part of the Program will not be accepted by any other method including, but not limited to, direct email or phone calls to Rivia Health Team Members. A referral is considered to be accepted and part of the Program when the Referrer receives a confirmation email after form submission. In situations where referrals are discussed verbally, you may be prompted to fill out the above submission form. 

Referrer Rewards
  • For each submitted contact you get 1 Credit. See “Credit” section below for more information regarding acquisition and spending Credits.

  • For each Referred Contact who agrees to and participates in at least one 30-minute sales demonstration (“demo”) with Rivia Health, the Referrer will receive 5 Credits.

  • For each Referred Contact provided by the Referrer which develops into a signed contract with Rivia Health, the Referrer’s Practice receives one month of waived RexPay fees.

    • The Referrer’s Practice must have an active contract with Rivia Health and be financially up to date on that contract at the time the Referred Contact contracts with Rivia Health to receive outlined Rewards. Otherwise, the associated Rewards are deemed null and void for the Referrer.

Referred Contact Rewards
  • Referred Contacts receive food incentives of their choice for the Practice to be delivered at the time of the sales demo. 

  • The total cost of food incentive Rewards is not to exceed $25 USD.

  • Fulfillment of the Referred Contact Rewards is to be coordinated by the Practice associated with the sales demonstration. 

  • Rivia Health will provide the Practice with a $25 USD electronic gift card for the purposes of the Practice fulfilling the Referrer Contact Rewards. 

    • Rivia Health is free of all liability from outcomes based on fulfilling the Rewards.

  • If/when the Referred Contact contracts with Rivia Health, they will receive one month of waived RexPay fees. 


Communications including, but not limited to, email, text, and phone calls will be sent to both the Referrer and the Referred Contact as determined by the Program. The referrer and the referee consent to be contacted for purposes including but not limited to the following

  • Information regarding the Program

  • Status changes within the Program, i.e. when a credit-acquiring event occurs

  • Updates regarding credit balance

  • Coordination with members of the Practice to facilitate Rewards

  • Sales demonstrations

  • Marketing communications



Users acquire credits through credit-acquiring events. Users may email sales@riviahealth to inquire about credit balance. Credits may be spent in for various offerings which are determined by Rivia Health. Offerings are eligible to change at any time. See Program details page for current offerings.

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