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Meet Rivia Health

Payment Technology that Engages Patients to Pay

Rivia Health increases the amount of paid patient responsibility while decreasing administrative manual tasks. 

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Patients receive  digital notifications the moment a bill becomes available. In a few clicks, balances are paid. Complement your revenue cycle operations and get paid more while doing less.


12 Days

the average time it takes to get paid with Rivia Health 



less bills aging to day 90 with Rivia Health


32 Hrs

32 Hours / Month / Practice Location saved with Rivia Health

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The Payments Experience Patients Love

Rivia Health brings ease and clarity to the patient payment experience. Our technology engages patients to pay balances via tailored text and emails and makes it easy to pay securely without requiring a portal account, password, app download, or statement ID code. Patients are empowered with a frictionless payment experience via Desktop, Mobile, or phone call with flexible payment methods, including payment plans, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

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End-to-End Patient Payment Journey

Unlimited Messaging Optimized for Better Outcomes

Rivia Health’s payment engagement technology provides unlimited pre-service and post-service messaging that starts when a patient balance exists and continues until it is paid - or you tell us to end messaging. Our messaging goes beyond the traditional 30-60-90-day cadence and is optimized based on user-behavior data to prevent bills from becoming at-risk or being sent to collections.

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What Clients Say

“We started using Rivia Health in January of 2023 and each month we have continued to collect on patient accounts that we otherwise may not have. Rivia Health integrates with our EMR system and pulls the data they need so there is one less project/report on my plate. I'm very pleased with our partnership with Rivia Health and would definitely recommend them."

Michele McMullen, Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Union Community Care.


TrustCare Health Saves 389 Hours of Monthly Operational Costs with Rivia Health

Time saved from crafting and sending batched patient messages manually, fielding inbound calls regarding payments, placing outbound calls regarding payments, collecting payments over the phone, and setting up payment plans.

  • Return on investment: over 2,000%

  • Reduced bad debt by 38%

  • Decreased payment plan setup and maintenance by 80%

  • Reduced the number of days in Accounts receivable by 33%

  • Reduced the number of bills being sent to collections by 33%

  • Increased overall patient payments by 45%

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Get Paid More While Doing Less

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